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2014 Examiners as Ambassadors

This section is a resource for members of the Baldrige Board of Examiners.
Your role as an ambassador is vital to the Baldrige Program's outreach efforts. As an examiner ambassador, you complement the efforts of Baldrige staff, and you lend valuable credibility within your industries, sectors, and communities.
We thank you for your outreach efforts and look forward to working with you.

Slide Set Presentations

Each of the presentations below (in Microsoft PowerPoint format) can be used as is, tailored, or combined with others to fit your audience.

bullet Baldrige Award
bullet Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
bullet Baldrige Education Criteria
bullet Baldrige Health Care Criteria
bullet Introduction to the Baldrige Criteria
bullet Performance Excellence A Systems Approach and Tools
bullet Program Impacts
bullet Introduction to the Baldrige Program
bullet Self-Assessing Your Organization

Additional Materials
bullet Examiner Presentation Tracking Form
bullet Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (about the Baldrige Program)

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